AFA Salutes Phil Bossert

Are Force Association Houston San Jacinto Chapter 233 Proudly Salutes The 28 Year Career of Colonel Philip A. Bossert Jr. 1982-2010

phil_bossertThis is a story of a life thus far and a career that has impacted all of us. Over that life and career, Colonel Phil Bossert has demonstrated the fine qualities that we all aspire to; leadership, dedication, creativity and an ability to inspire people to be better than they thought they could be. He is the epitome of the whole man concept that the Air Force strives for. Phil has distinguished himself as a family man, combat leader and a great teacher that provides inspiration to us all. He has dared to take on controversial agendas and succeeded with them. He has dared to reach out beyond the scope of military affairs to touch the hearts of the citizenry and succeeded. And he has dared to imbue new and different ideas and concepts into the minds of our young Air Force leaders of tomorrow and succeeded.

Phil_Bossert-1As members of a tightly knit group of dedicated Air Force professionals, we in the Air Force Association recognize, most of all, true leadership when we see it. Phil Bossert is the embodiment of the whole man concept who leads by example and exemplifies all that we stand for:

Integrity first
Service before self
Excellence in all we do

We salute Colonel Phil Bossert for his achievements over twenty eight years of service. He has remained true to the oath he took long ago on that Air Force Academy field and he has served his country with all his might mind and soul.

Read the details of his illustrious career over the next several pages of this salute.

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